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Power of Attorneys

A power of attorney is a key document to possess in the event that sickness or old age prevents you from taking care of your own matters.  Health care institutions or banks may refuse to deal with you or your loved ones if they feel like you are not capable of making sound or good and sound decisions.

Individuals who fail to make a power of attorney are putting themselves at great risk of requiring a Guardianship.  A Guardianship proceeding is a costly legal procedure that involves someone making an application to the Supreme Court of New Jersey on your behalf declaring you as legally incompetent and naming an individual, not of your choosing, to handle your affairs.

In many instances, a Power of Attorney is as important as a Last Will and Testament and more important than a Will during one’s life.

If you or your parents require a Power of Attorney, please call the Alberto Brothers Law Firm at 732-200-0779 to set up a consultation.

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