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Family Business
Transition Planning

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

The Alberto Brothers Law Firm has first hand knowledge of family businesses.   Our family has established several businesses that are run by family and serve our cherished customers.

So, we understand that a family business is not just another way to make money, but it is an expression of familial values and ideas about hardwork  and customer service  span generations.

The Alberto Brothers Law Firm helps clients to achieve the nuanced objectives that Senior entrepreneurs have with regards to the inheritance of management duties and customer bases.  While these transactions are often complex , we always desire structuring legal plans that keep the FAMILY in “family businesses.”

If your family businesses is in a stage of transition, we urge you to call the Alberto Brothers Law Firm to consult with you with regards to your specific problem.  Please call us now at 732-200-0779 to set up a consultation!